Exclusive: Apple Glass likely come in Black and White colors

Apple’s new augmented reality glasses will likely come in Black and White

There has been rumours of Apple making AR glasses for years, however no concrete evidence was ever leaked. That changed when, 2 weeks ago, leaker Jon Prosser shared a massive amount of information on the glasses.

First off, he reported that the glasses will cost $499, plus your specific prescription. Just like the original Apple Watch all of the data will be processed on your iPhone, not on the device itself. Fitting the hardware into a normal frame was simply not feasible.

They were planned to be a “One More Thing” announcement in Q4 of this year, into Q1 of 2021. This all depends on how health and safety guidelines based around COVID-19 are at the time, as Apple want media present at the event. They are set to be ready to be shipped by Q4 of 2021, into Q1 of 2022.

The prototype Prosser saw was made of plastic, however the final material is subject to change and will likely be a metal of some sort. The final design will most likely look different to the concept designs people have been sharing around. Apple’s main goal with these glasses is to have them look like normal glasses, “not intimidating tech” and Jon says.

On the prototype Jon saw, there was a LiDAR sensor on the right side side of the glasses, with no cameras to protect the wearers privacy and avoid privacy concerns. They charge wirelessly by being flipped upside down on the included plastic charging stand.

In collaboration with @a_rumours0000 on twitter, who we have worked with before, we have new information on the colors that Apple Glass will ship with.

According to our sources, Apple Glass will come in both white and black. Multiple of our sources tell us that Apple is looking into launching Apple glass with both a white and a black color, however they haven’t decided on this and they are about 70% sure sure that it will happen.